Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager
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Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager


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The ultimate back massager that made 90% of users live pain-free and sleep peacefully. Relieve muscle soreness after a long workday or workout sessions and promote blood circulation by simply lying in bed with the massager wrapped around your waist. Using both heating and vibration, this massager relieves your back pain and abdominal pain, and helps you relax.


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With a built-in 5000mAh battery and touchscreen controller, you can enjoy a comfortable massage anytime, anywhere. Plus, the anti-mistouch function ensures you won’t accidentally change the settings mid-massage!


Get your waist massager – live without pain!

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Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager The belt is made of high-quality diving fabric that is light, soft, and elastic.

Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager The belt can effectively relieve muscle soreness, relax muscles, reduce stress, relieve fatigue, and promote blood circulation.


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Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager You’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable massage anytime, anywhere with this belt massager.

Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager The built-in 5000mAh high-capacity rechargeable battery allows you to use it wirelessly, on the go or anywhere.


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Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager The digital display controller lets you control the temperature and vibration mode easily.

Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager The anti-mistouch lets you enjoy an interruption-free massage and relax better.


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Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager SPECS:

Material: diving material

Color: grey

Working voltage: 5V

Charging current (heating the highest grade): 1850mA

Charging time: 2-3H

Battery capacity: 5000mAh

Massage (top grade): 1440Min

Heating (highest grade): 102Min

Belt size: 118*20cm


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Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager PACKAGE LIST:

1 x belt massager

Anti-pain Heating Waist Massager

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