No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones

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Isn’t it so irritating when you’re listening to music while working out or doing house chores then your earphones decide to entangle or completely fall out of your ears when you sweat?


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Who says you should endure this kind of pain when you got the No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones that are waterproof & anti-sweat, designed to stay in place and provide the highest quality sound. Plus, our earphones boast intelligent noise reduction so you can enjoy music to the max, low power consumption, sturdy design and so much more!


Don’t let sweat stop the music! Go on runs without restriction, run and order yours now!

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No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  New second-generation Bluetooth 5.0 with a more stable transmission signal, reduced lag rate, and standby power.

No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  Compatible with any device as long as there is Bluetooth and supports thousands of grade side effects, intelligent noise reduction, fingerprint touch, and cold LED light.


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No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  Waterproof, sweatproof, and non-splitting so you won’t worry about damaging them while on the go (workout, chores, hikes, etc).

No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  Clear sound, “0” sound quality loss so you can enjoy high-quality music!


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No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  Heavy design with high-quality mirror finish case that protects your earphones against scratches and damage.

No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  Sturdy storage cabin with durable aluminum alloy base 8mm custom plated film & multi-layer composite titanium-plated film so it’s unbreakable!


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No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  USB rechargeable: 3500mah charging box capacity & 50mah earphone battery capacity.

 No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  Low battery reminder through a red light and beep sound; 140hrs waiting time, 5 hours play time, and 1hr charging time.


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No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  Specifications :

Play time: maximum volume is about 5 hours;

Waiting time: about 140 hours;

Charge time: about 1 hour;

Signal ratio: 9090db;

Frequency range: 20hz-20khz;

Headphone battery capacity: 50mah;

Speaker size: 8mm

Bluetooth transmission distance: 10 10 m;

Charging box capacity: 3500mah;

Voice prompt: English, Chinese

Charging voltage: type dc5v 1a

Sensitivity: 115 33db;

Charging port: USB TYPE-C;

Load wire length: 50cm;

Low battery reminder: beep, red light.


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No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones  Package list  :

1* No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones

1*Qualified book;

1* Guide;

2* Ear cap

1* Loading warehouse

1* Load line

No-Sweat Bluetooth Earphones

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